Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yorkshire Lass

There are some things I miss about living in Yorkshire. I miss the pretty countryside. I miss the home I grew up in. I miss the funny way people talk (although people talk pure mental here too, pal). I don't miss the difficulties involved in getting places.

I don't like having to wait for a bus in order to go shopping. This may surprise you, but in truth I am not a very patient person. I don't even like having to wait for the morning before I go shopping, and have often given in and ordered shoes online instead. Then I have to do something very distracting while I wait for them to arrive. More shopping usually does the job.

Cities suit me better. Glasgow may not have much of a subway system, but at least I never have to wait for more than eight minutes for a train. There's even a few clothes shops on the street I live on, allowing me to walk instead of waiting. This is very positive for an impatient person.

In Leeds I need to wait for a bus. It only arrives every half hour, and sometimes it just doesn't bother. On Sundays it's hourly and I'm pretty sure there's never one at 11 o'clock. At least I've never caught it even if there is one. It then takes half an hour to get me to city centre or worse, to Wetherby. From there I can get another half-hourly bus to Harrogate or a two-hourly bus to York.

It's freakin' 2011! I know the North of England is supposed to be a bit backward, but it's not supposed to be worse than Scotland! Where the hell is my teleporter?

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