Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dignity at all Times

I got a haircut yesterday afternoon. My hairdresser is not punctual, but I like my cut, so I forgive him. However, while I was waiting I was given two cups of tea, and before I left the flat I'd had a pint of water. By the time my cut was done Nature was calling and, being a woman, she can get bitchy when you don't answer her calls.

As I got back to my flat, the situation was getting rather severe. I bounded up the stairs, my hair bouncing cheerfully. I spoke to myself (at reasonable volume) as I ascended two steps at a time, "needawee needawee needawee needawee."

I got to the final flight of stairs and glanced upwards. One of the boys from upstairs was coming down, naturally he had heard my little chant. He met my eye and smirked. I returned his gaze, grinned and winked. I continued on my way,

"needawee needawee needawee."

Before I slammed my door behind me, I heard him laughing. Glad to have made your day Boy From Upstairs. You have my permission to give me a knowing smile the next time we say "hello." I shall return it.

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