Tuesday, December 16, 2008


On Friday I was studying algebra, because there was an algebra exam on Saturday morning. Yeah, you read that right, whoever is in charge of choosing the optimum time to examine second year maths students is a bastard - I haven't decided if I should hunt them down and be extremely polite to them or not yet, but I digress.

Actually, there is a lie in the above, I wasn't studying algebra. I was supposed to be studying algebra. Hell, I was even trying to study algebra, but I was distracted. It turns out that everything in the world is more interesting than learning alegbra on a Friday.

I actually managed to get enough done to not be afraid that I've failed the exam, but there's no argument that I was a mess all day long, and for a little while afterwards. For example, when I spoke to Harry later on Sunday, he already knew that I'd struggled to study on Friday, and told me he knew what I did instead - the conversation when like this:

Harry: I know what you spent all day yesterday doing.
Becky: Me? You do? I was studying.
Harry. Barely. Do you know how I know what you were doing?
Becky: How?
Harry: I did the washing up earlier.
Becky: Well done.
Harry: And I found fourteen teaspoons. I though to myself, now, what does one use a teaspoon for? Making tea! Only Amy and Becky drink tea, and Amy's in Fife...
Becky: I did not have fourteen cups of tea! I probably had about 5... no, I had 6. You can use teaspoons for other stuff.
Harry: But generally you don't. Have I mentioned that you're a disgusting addict?
Becky: You're just disgusting.

I'm not a disgusting addict, I haven't had any tea today, and that's got nothing to do with the fact that we've run out. Harry really is just disgusting.

Apparently then, I spent the day making tea and putting on red lipstick. That's quite wonderful actually, I used to wear red lipstick lots, but don't tend to lately, and I couldn't tell you why, becuase it's a wonderful substance that I'll probably start wearing again soon.

Anyway, I had put on some lipstick, because it was something to do that wasn't algebra, and I decided to go to the kitchen. I can't think why. However, my progress was impeded by accidentally walking into the wall. I should point out that it was pitch black in the hallway, I wasn't simply walking into walls for kicks, or because I'd lost motor-function due to all the tea.

So, straight into the wall, knocking the phone from the notice-board. Chaos. I winced in pain and turned on the light, and started putting the phone back up when Harry entered the hallway and asked why I was causing chaos. I lied and said it had fallen as I walked past, that I had done nothing. He believed me but pretended not to, and went to the kitchen himself.

I finished putting up the phone, looked up. There was a bright red kiss mark on the wall. I still have no idea if he noticed, but I think I removed it in about 8 seconds with bathroom cleaner - fastest cleaning job I've ever done, so if he didn't, I'm probably safe now, and I severely doubt he reads my blog.

So yeah, there has been chaos, and now it's all over, only a joke exam left, hurrah! Frankly I'm just pleased I don't need to cram maths anymore, because it means I can function as a half-way decent human again.

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