Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Need a New Hobby

Really, I do.

I know this because I've only been back about 24 hours and I'm already panicking about getting bored while I'm at home.

I had hoped to get some work, but I'm fairly sure my old boss has been murdered by his employees, because every time I called to see if he'd have any work for me over Christmas I was told he was out, or it was his day off, or he was interviewing people all day today. No one gets to be in charge by taking so many days off in the run up to Christmas. I'll miss him, he was a good guy. However, it's now far to late to expect work there, and anyway I'm scarred to go see them in case I suffer the same fate as he did, at the hands of evil shop assistants.

I bet his body is hidden in the creepy room full of all the spare manikin parts.

It will be fine when people are around, I'm happy to chill out and chat with my sister and my mother for hours on end. But my mother has to work, and my sister spends all her time hanging out with her boyfriend in Wetherby. It will also be fine when I have plans with friends and Nick. It will not be fine in all the gaps in between.

After a while I'll get insomnia, because I won't be doing enough to tire myself out and make me need sleep - my sleep patterns will fade in and out with everyone else's and things will get progressively odd. Especially since I don't need to get up for lectures or employment. Three weeks of this and I'll be a real mess. No one will be able to tell that anything is different at all.

So I need suggestions. Preferably those which don't cost much money and don't involve writing my essay. Ideally they should improve me as a person and leave me feeling like I've had a productive day. Drinking does not count as a hobby, even if it is with friends.

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

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