Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today was interesting. I started with an algebra test, which went ok considering how little I like algebra tests. It turns out I like them better when I know the answers, though why they decided to ask me questions I knew the answers to on this occasion I'll never know - I didn't think that's what tests were for.

After that I met with Alison. Alison is my best friend's mother, and was in Glasgow because she and some of her friends are walking in Scotland, she seemed excited about this, but I was polite and didn't ask her why. We went for lunch in Princess Square. I like Princess Square, because it's too expensive - I like most things that are too expensive, especially when other people are paying.

Lunch was followed by complimentary Amaretto. It seems that Amaretto, whilst being one of my favourite liquers is a terrible thing to drink before a lecture, and now I know this - though the lecture was fun anyway. I also have more things with me now, as Alison was kind enough to bring me some things from home - including a dress that I wore in Paris to stop Parisian traffic. I'm looking forward to stopping Glaswegian traffic, though I doubt it will be as challenging, or impressive.

I also picked up my post. I don't like the postman, or the lady at the post office who doesn't speak any English. The postman only delivers mail when he feels like it (hence picking it up myself, and being charged fifty English pennies for the privilege) and the lady manages to be very rude in whatever language it is she's speaking, she shouts at me a lot. I do though, now have post, which is nice. My mother sent me a lot of things I'd asked for, and couscous. I haven't figured out why she sent me couscous, as she refused to explain, but I'm glad she did.

I am now very tired, and it's only 5.20, though this could be because I got drunk and then sober again, which in my books make it a very long day. Perhaps I'll take it easy this evening, bake a cake or something.

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