Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Alright, my last blog apparently left me open for attack. At least judging by the complaints this morning. Martin was the most hurt I think, because I gave him grief for buying an ipod a while ago. Poor ickle Martin.

You might have guessed, this is not an apology. I'm bad at apologies. They always start off well, but they tend to end badly. An example of me apologising might go like this.

"I know I upset you the other day when I called you a fucktard, and I probably shouldn't have. Not that I'm wrong though, you are a fucktard, it's just that I didn't expect you to be sad when I pointed it out. Actually, the fact that it bothered you at all leads me to believe that you're an even worse individual than I at first anticipated. So yeah, sorry. Not for what I said, but that you have to live with that."

See the problem? Frankly it's amazing that I have any friends at all. Perhaps it's because I avoid making friends with fucktards, so that kind of thing doesn't happen often.

Aaaaaanyway. I have a statement to make:

I have never bought an Apple product. The shuffle I own was a free gift. I refuse to use it for anything other than audio books, and I absolutely will never download anything from itunes. I have been debating getting an iphone, but simply because I'd quite like a nice phone that I can get online with, there are alternatives, and considering that I can't afford a new phone at all yet, by the time I can, I will have done my research well enough to choose something better.

Apple is probably evil. Microsoft probably is too. I don't know how to use Linux. I hope this goes some way to absolving me.

(Martin still shouldn't have bought his ipod though. Pretty silly thing to do. What? I'm just saying).


  1. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Okay, firstly I take offecne at the 'ickle' comment. I would also point out I have never, and will never use the itunes store. My urchase of an ipod, athough flawed, was not without reason. There is no other mp3 playing device on the market at present that provides a hard drive of the size I require, at a reasonable price. Show me one, and I will stand corrected!

  2. Anonymous11:38 pm

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  3. Gee. I sure wonder who that anonymous comment could've been from. They seem almost upset.
    Ah well.

    And I am anything but anti-consumerist. I'm attempting to single-handedly solve the credit crisis by spending as much as I can ;-) Just anti-Apple I suppose, but if I'm honest I suspect my reasons are quite weak.