Monday, January 02, 2006

January Plans

Firstly Happy New Year, hope you all had a great time, I know I did and I should be able to get some photos up soon.

Now, January is going to be a pretty crazy month. There's two extremes in it, the very negative exams and the very positive birthday trip to London to see Children of Bodom, which I won't stop going on about, so don't ask me to.

Exams-wise I've got maths, physics, chemistry and psychology. So, one for each subject. And yes, they are real exams, each counts for one third (give or take a couple of percent) or my AS grade in that subject. I go back to school tomorrow, and I've got until the 11th before my first exam, no study leave this time, which is probably a good thing considering how little I've managed to do over the Christmas Holidays.
It's quite worrying, since for the first time that I can remember I stand quite a good chance of failing. People don't believe this, my old friends mostly because they've never known it to be true, and my newer friends a combination of that, the fact that they don't realise how much I've been struggling, and I suspect they also think that I worry too much and overreact about things like this. However, what they believe makes no difference, I'm terrified that I'm going to fail and that I'll have to retake.
For those who aren't aware, universities now have acess to our actual marks in all our exams, and details on retakes. This won't be a big deal for most people, but if you want a place in a competive university or on a competitive course, it could have an effect. So I'll be wanting 100% in every exam if that isn't too much trouble God. If you're too busy or not listening or can't do anything, I'm quite happy to ask Satan instead.

Ok, so enough doom and gloom. My last exam (maths) is on the 16th, and just eight days later is my birthday. No idea what I'll get as there's nothing I really want, so hopefully I'll get money. I'll need it for the trip to London to see Children of Bodom two days later. That will be truely awesome. I'm going with Nick, Jenny and Jonny, and Jenny and Jonny are finally going out (I've been trying to get them together for a while, somehow they got together on New Years Eve, ironically just as I'd decided to give up them). There's also two spare tickets which I'm trying to sell, if I don't manage to sell them this week I'll put them on ebay and if that fails I'll try to sell them on the door.

Either way, it'll be awesome and leaving will probably not be an option that I'll consider once I get there.